You might have noticed I’ve been slower and slower with updates lately.
I’d blame the summer, but it clearly hasn’t arrived in Athens yet. No, this specific page was delayed because of multiple reasons, including being unhappy with how it looked like at first and my generally messy non-schedule as the “school year” ends. I’m not happy about that, this is meant to be a weekly webcomic. But on the other hand I didn’t mean for it to have a new update on literally every Wednesday of the year, without mercy / holidays for me. So, this being the last week of June and the last page of this episode, I’m calling it an end of Season 1.

I’m not planning on quitting the comic for now. The time off from updates will give me space to work on the Season 2 in a way that I simply can’t, while updates are running. There might be changes starting this fall, but my goal is to keep the weekly updates and make the comic better. We’ll see what that means!

For now, I’ll be pausing my Patreon so there will be no charges while the comic is on holidays. And I’ll still be active on other places – probably mostly on Instagram!

Enjoy the summer(?) and thank you so much for reading!
See you soon