So this is officially the last 2018 update! I really tried to catch up, but I’m still 2 updates behind and honestly, I see no way of catching up now. I meant to be a good self boss and give myself time to work on other projects actual holidays from this comic, for 2 weeks so that’s what I’ll do. Come say hi tomorrow if you’re in Athens, otherwise see you next year! I’ll still be around social media and doing (almost) daily autobio comics (new post is almost posted on Patreon). I’m working on the December rewards too, which actually helped me get the OMG Lesbians #4 translation going! Stay tuned for that too.

Thankfully Patreon supporters (like the one you see pictured on Panel 1) want to see themselves in the comic, otherwise I’d forget that people who are not the protagonists or their friends / love interests exist in this Athens place! You can see your face as the story unfolds by supporting me on Patreon too 🙂

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